Friday, 18 October 2019

The Gift of Gratitude

Last night I watched a couple of episodes of "Modern Love," a new Amazon Prime series inspired by essays from a New York Times column with the same title.  I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my long-time partner.  I wrote him a text that let him know my gratitude for him.

In relationships, we tend to focus on what another person hasn't done or could change. This cultivates resentment and separateness.  We do this with our jobs, about ourselves and so many other aspects of life.  This is a focus on lack.  And when we focus on lack, we miss all the abundance we have in our lives. 

Gratitude is a practice of abundance.  It doesn't take long and when practiced regularly it has many mental health and physical health benefits. When we can connect with gratitude, it opens us wide to connect in a more compassionate loving way with the world around us and ourselves. 

Since November is upon us and there's one day that we already focus on thanks and gratitude, I propose expanding this for the whole month.  Consciously take a moment to connect with 1-3 things you are grateful for each day...maybe making it about one person, one thing about yourself, and one thing in the world...making sure to connect with why. 

Even feel free to expand it by texting or messaging that person for the day to let them know personally that you are grateful for them. Allow that energy of gratitude to grow!

Need help?  Try this gratitude meditation to get the juices flowing.  You deserve to connect with the abundance in your life!